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Rave Reviews

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I have seen Raena several times in the last year and every time gets better. Raena has the ability to be the sexy Librarian you’ve always dreamed of, the girl next door you always wanted and girlfriend you wish you had...Raena’s skills have proved to be simply the best, which is the reason I keep coming back. Raena is a kind soul, who can make a connection all while exuding the perfect combination of confidence and sexiness.


Private Delights, June 2020

Raena satisfied all my hidden desires. She was sexy like her pictures and up for fun activities...It was the best time I ever had with a girl. She was very naughty like me and loved to play. Relaxed cool vibe. Everything about it was cool. Really nice to be with. I would just pay to hang out with her outside her profession.


Erotic Monkey 

Reana was unbelievably easy to be with. She was expressive, responsive, and well practiced in the fine arts of...She is very pretty and has an extremely sensual body. Reana rises above the other girls because of her attitude---she enjoys every moment together and never seems like she is just going through the motions. I definitely want to see her again.


Private Delights, May 2019

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