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Etiquette: Beliefs


Basic Guidelines for Corresponding, & Visiting


  • Donations are strictly for my time and companionship. There is no guarantee of anything beyond that (but I'm not referred to as addicting for nothing). What happens during that time will simply unfold naturally, as is to be expected when two consenting adults with common interests mingle. I'll be happy to discuss fantasies, provide guidance on women/ dating / fashion, sing karaoke duets, whatever seems enticing in the moment. I'm betting we'll have a lot in common though.

  • I don't like to discuss donations (in person, by text, or by email).

    • For In-call, please bring the appropriate donation for my time in an unsealed envelope. I will excuse myself to use the ladies room upon your arrival. Please take that opportunity to place the envelope with donation in the open dresser drawer. Now, with the formalities out of the way, we will be able to fully enjoy our time together.
    • For Outcall, please place the donation in an envelope and slip it in my purse when I excuse myself to the restroom.


  • Please text or email inquiries. I do not answer voice calls from unrecognized numbers, but am happy to follow up with a phone call prior to meeting.

  • No explicit talk via text or email. Sorry, but I am not open to discussing explicit details of our rendezvous in advance. Please refer to my reviews for a sense of what's possible.


  • Hygiene can be a touchy subject, but I find it best just to be direct when it comes to these matters. In order to provide for the best experience for all parties, oral and overall hygiene must be excellent. Teeth should be recently brushed and breath should be fresh. Nails should be trim and clean. Neither of us should be giving off any sort of unpleasant aroma.

  • I will always be freshly showered and clean upon your arrival (or my arrival to you) and I politely ask the same of you. Please come freshly showered or ask to take a quick shower when you get here. You are always welcome to. Better safe than sorry if there is any doubt.  

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